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Girl in vest by Hinyness

I'd say your technique's pretty nice :3
Great anatomy and shadows, the eyes are just right and while people usually struggle with side views of the face, you have done a pretty decent job!
The contrasts between the blue and the red attracts the eyes but appart from that, you're missing important elements.

It'd be nice to see something with a concept or something more... rememberable. Maybe a nice background or some light plays. Your character looks great but she lacks an important aspect that will make others react to her nicely and so that when they see more of her, they'll say "Hey, I remember that character!"
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Hinyness Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well believe it or not but i could make decent backgrounds but the problem is that im really uncomfortable drawing them because i don't really like to make backgrounds unless its epic, but epic is often a hassle for me and can take a long long time to make.

Little error: I think you meant "memorable" not "rememberable".
SoraBulgar Dec 7, 2012  Student Writer
Gah sorry there was only 5 minutes left to my techno class xD
Besides, my first language is french :3
I get what you mean about epic backgrounds..
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